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And here's a mirror of that 16 …

And here’s a mirror of that 1660 diary, slightly modified though. hehe

Jan 11, 1660: Not much happening today. Lost one o my kids in the bog.

Jan 12, 1660: Damne bog ate my dog. Off to the pub for a pint.

Jan 13, 1660: Walking back from the pub early this morn, almost fell into the bog.

Jan 14, 1660: Good Lord.. the Mayor fell into the bog. Presumed lost. Kenny Axeblood wants to take over. ‘Aye’ I say.

Jan 15, 1660: God hates our wee village; Kenny Axeblook walked into the bog and disappeared from our sight. We think it’s that woman with the wart. Off to burn her.

Jan 16, 1660: Burnt the witch and threw her remains into the bog.


Do you trust Bush?The First An …

Do you trust Bush?
The First Annual Bushie Awards


Humour Music

Johnny Cash gives the "Nashvil …

Johnny Cash gives the “Nashville music establishment” the finger!

Johnny Cash gives the finger

hehe – via Scott Andrew …

hehe – via Scott Andrew


McDonalds lawsuit – hehe. …

McDonalds lawsuit – hehe.

Some people just love courtrooms. In 1993, a New Jersey man thought he was making great use of his time by eating and driving at the same time. Having propped a milkshake between his legs, he leaned over to the passenger seat to get his food from a McDonald’s bag.

As he did so, his thighs inadvertently squeezed the frozen liquid out of the cup. The sudden shock distracted the driver and the car veered into another. The blame was put on the fast-food chain, which should have warned the man against eating while driving. Unfortunately for him, the case was fruitless.


Seen on IRC, "Colm: yeah, but …

Seen on IRC, “Colm: yeah, but does it all really matter? we’re all about to be killed by a big, dumb rock. and even if we survive bush, there’s that asteroid in 2019.” hehe.

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Via Camworld: Mirror of The An …

Via Camworld: Mirror of The Anti Porn Guy – I can’t believe that people still think like this!

Al Gore on Bush: Corporate Lacky.

I have no idea who Martha Stewart is, and frankly I don’t think I’m missing much.

Has anyone noticed that Irish and English soaps center around a pub?

Comment heard on Today FM: “Am I hearing this right? Irish people are complaining that they have to go to the pub to watch soccer matches?”

Slashdot: The Future Of The 2.0 Linux Kernel – I’m still using a machine at work with 2.0 on it! It was critical to our business until a few months ago but still running a few small apps.

Interview with Ian Jackson – Debian maintainer. Great interview and Ian doesn’t pull any punches. Even Debian ins’t perfect!