Exploit Scanner 0.95

I’ve just released version 0.95 of WordPress Exploit Scanner. This release fixes a number of bugs and makes it easier to scan for exploits and read the results. I’ve added an “Exploits” scan level which looks for obvious code that hackers use. It will return a few false positives but […]


Exploit Scanner 0.5

The WordPress Exploit Scanner has been updated, with lots of help from Jon and Ryan. In recent weeks blogs running older versions of WordPress were exploited. If you’re concerned that your blog might have been broken into, download the plugin and run it. It will find false positive results but […]


WordPress Exploit Scanner 0.1

My previous post about hacked WordPress sites caused Donnacha to ask, After your last post on this subject, I was thinking that it would be a good idea for Automattic to create a plugin that carries out all the checks you suggested people do to find out if they’ve been […]

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