50% of our energy came from renewables

50.42% of Ireland’s electricity came from renewables in the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours just over 50% of the electricity generated in Ireland came from renewables. We even exported 4% of our electricity.

Of course the wind isn’t blowing this hard every day, or it’s blowing too hard, and over the course of the last month the portion of renewable energy drops to 39%.

All this information is available on the Eirgrid Smart Grid Dashboard. Lots of information there including a log of wind speeds you can download, interconnection graphs showing our imports and exports of electricity from the UK and CO2 intensity & emissions data too. You can compare CO2 intensity against other parameters such as wind generation. The last few days have been very windy.

For more energy statistics take a look at the transport page on the SEAI website.

The amount of petrol consumed in Ireland reduced by more than half between 2007 and 2018 as a result of the shift to diesel cars. The increase in diesel use for private cars was offset by lower diesel use in freight. Diesel use was 12% higher in 2018 than 2007.

Renewable transport fuels have grown from a low base to over 3% of transport final energy use in 2018. This is almost all from biofuels blended with petrol and diesel. Electricity remained at just 0.1% of transport final energy demand in 2018. Most of this was from Luas and DART, but electric vehicles are growing strongly from a low base.


Airtricity – switch now?

Airtricity are running an advertising campaign on the radio currently in an effort to get businesses to switch to them from the semi-state monopoly electricity generator, ESB. They offer to save you 10% off ESB prices and they’ll freeze your energy prices until 2010. That’s very attractive considering that the ESB is getting yet another price increase this month from the rubber stamping regulator. Unfortunately when you click “Switch now” on their site all you get is an error message:

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Oops. That’s a pity because I wonder if I qualify as a small business being a self-employed person working at home. I’ll have to check back later.