Airtricity – switch now?

Airtricity are running an advertising campaign on the radio currently in an effort to get businesses to switch to them from the semi-state monopoly electricity generator, ESB. They offer to save you 10% off ESB prices and they’ll freeze your energy prices until 2010. That’s very attractive considering that the ESB is getting yet another price increase this month from the rubber stamping regulator. Unfortunately when you click “Switch now” on their site all you get is an error message:

XSLTransform Error

XSLTransform: Unmatched end tag.
File: VCFile(N/E:0:[website]::/ireland/switch_to_airtricity/switch_now/index.xml)
Line: 288, column: 18

Oops. That’s a pity because I wonder if I qualify as a small business being a self-employed person working at home. I’ll have to check back later.