A new version of Install-Sendm …

A new version of Install-Sendmail which fixes a bug for those of you serving mail to a network. I also did a lot of work on the interface, based on work done by Morten Bo Johansen. There’s also a Danish translation created by Morten as well. His work is based […]


I've got some great feedback …

I’ve got some great feedback on Install-Sendmail, including a full Danish conversion of the latest version by Morten Bo Johansen! He’ll be putting it on his own site soon, and I’ll put it up here in the next day or so. I kept stats for the last few weeks and […]


I was in a local college today …

I was in a local college today, University College Cork, when I sat down at a PC and turned on the monitor to be greeted by the KDE welcome screen! Turns out they’re using Suse/KDE as a dual boot with NT. There were two girls using KDE in the front […]


Another Install-Sendmail updat …

Another Install-Sendmail update. Sendmail can now be configured so that local mail is always delivered, but remote mail is queued until it’s manually sent. (Handy for networks on dial up connections.) I added history too so data is saved between runs of the script. Download Install-Sendmail-4.2.tar.gz


Something new for you: Install …

Something new for you: Install-Webserver is a small script that will install Apache, PHP and MySQL. This is the first release, and while rough, it works well. New version of Install-Sendmail. This version has way too many new features to list here so just download it and try it! I […]


A few cool sites: 3D Artists S …

A few cool sites: 3D Artists Stating the Obvious Ozone Memepool Camworld Some links taken from an article by JonKatz on /. yesterday. I actually read a Jon Katz article.. The Ozone link above has nothing to do with this site. Just a coincidence that he’s called the same name […]


Nothing much new as far as con …

Nothing much new as far as content goes. I updated the software pages with some info on Install-Sendmail as well as sites offering free email services. I also redesigned the site a small bit. Better? I’d like to hear what you think. Finally, I’m going to do some work on […]


Almost a month later I update. …

Almost a month later I update. A new version of Install-sendmail is written. I added virtual user/domain support although I haven’t been able to test it myself. Feedback required! There’s also another Linux demo out. It’s called eft and I don’t have a URL at the moment, but you can […]

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