A few cool sites: 3D Artists S …

A few cool sites:
3D Artists
Stating the Obvious
Some links taken from an article by JonKatz on /. yesterday. I actually read a Jon Katz article..
The Ozone link above has nothing to do with this site. Just a coincidence that he’s called the same name as my demo group!

One thought on “A few cool sites: 3D Artists S …

  1. http://www.areyou.m-azing.com

    Found this site yesterday…complete opposite of what normal user experience would dictate–I couldn’t even get in without taking a test!

    Then, on the site, there’s some weird people and some videos–most were of a bunch of dorks (Napoleon Dynamite-esque), but some were good.

    Definitely good for a laugh, and made me feel a whole lot better about myself.

    Obviously, it’s for advertising, but this was something new–and I don’t think they’ve launched it yet because i couldn’t find any links to it from anywhere else.

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