Lots of things have been happe …

Lots of things have been happening lately. Along with Owen Kelly, and CorkLUG I’m organising “Linux Awareness in Ireland Day” which will take place on November 6th. More info on the CorkLUG site or LAID site.
There’s also a new release of Install-Sendmail. This release fixes a small bug in detecting Slackware systems. If you run anything else don’t bother downloading this one.
Download Install-Sendmail-5.2.tar.gz

There's quite a bit of demosc …

There’s quite a bit of demoscene news on linux.scene.org but they don’t have the news that the only Linux demo to appear at Assembly ’99 is available for download! Get it at ftp://kameli.yok.utu.fi/pub/fit/anataus6/ana6.tgz
It works on my RedHat 6 system, and ldd reports the binary isn’t a dynamic executable so it’ll probably run on most modern Linux distributions.
New version of Install-Sendmail! This one asks you how long to wait to send waiting mail (only if not queuing!), as well as a few bug fixes.
More languages are supported now, 8 in total!
Download Install-Sendmail-5.1.tar.gz

New version of Install-Sendmai …

New version of Install-Sendmail. This version fixes the previously mentioned
bug – it’s not even my bug, but a feature of RedHat based systems. See the
CHANGES file for details. I’ve also improved support for different languages so
if you want to create a version for your country please feel free to

There's a bug in the server s …

There’s a bug in the server setup of Install-Sendmail that doesn’t let remote
machines connect to your machine as a mail server. I have a fix for it and I’ll
post a new version of the script next weekend.

There is now a German translat …

There is now a German translation of Install-Sendmail, created by Juergen Ginkel.
I haven’t tried it yet, but I think a new way of seperating out languages is called for. Expect a new release of the script soon to meet this requirement and fix some minor bugs.
My apologies to anyone who hasn’t got a reply back to emails they’ve sent. My machine broke down last Thursday, and I’ve also been very busy helping to get a local LUG off the ground. Check out the CorkLUG homepage for more details.