Hello Guys; I also experienced the same problem when I replaced my old hard drive with ssd samsung 840 evo, my laptop keeps crashing sometimes especially when I open alot of browsers and installing a software altogether. I also experience freezing when I play an HD video with a size of 13 Gig. I experienced it for almost a month now untill I found this forum and yet there is no concrete solution to the problem yet. Others say that they changed the sata mode from AHCI to IDE which is wrong because SSD will only work on its best performance in AHCI mode. Others also say to downgrade the Video card driver. You know guys I recently checked the samsung Magician software and I found the problem at the System management particularly the OS optimization I set it before at Maximum performance and since hibernation mode is activated in this kind of optimization it causes the problem because it consumes 75% of the ram memory therefore it causes the system to crash when I opened so many browsers and freezes my video when I played it. I changed it to advanced and disabled the hibernation mode and configured the virtual memory to 4.5 gig I hope this will solve our problem