Tonight thank God it's them instead of you!

After all the hype over Bono or Justin singing the famous line, I just heard the new Band Aid song on the radio and am not impressed. It’ll probably grow on me but I still prefer the original! Here’s the original lineup and lyrics for those interested.
Go buy it anyway, it’s for a good cause!

5 thoughts on “Tonight thank God it's them instead of you!

  1. Yes – Definitely an apalling version of the song. Hell – even the Stock Aitken Waterman version is better than that. They’ve taken an angry song and made it into a pop-tastic Simon Cowell-ised piece of ‘soul’. BTW: Unless Hawkins sang the line with a mouth full of gravel while snorkelling in a hot-tub, he must have done a better version than Bono. The fact that the Sunglasses popped over in his private jet to do that line and did it so very very poorly shows how divorced from reality he has truly become.

  2. I agree, Ray D’arcy on TodayFM played Bono’s line a few times. It sounds like Bono was just getting into his stride when he rememebered he had to finish the sentence and sang the last 3 words in a rush! 🙂

  3. “Cool to dis”? It’s a crap version of the song. That has nothing to do with it being for charity. They knew it would sell bucket loads and they didn’t put the effort into it that possibly went into the original!
    I still say buy it if you want to support the charity or better still, make a donation directly to the Band Aid organisation so someone else will buy the copy you didn’t really want!

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