It's a little cold…

I’m out taking night shots of sights close to the appartment. It’s not quite as cold as it is at home, but standing around in one place looking into the camera takes it’s toll.
I had coffee in the most amazing cafe this afternoon with Cachu – the place is called “The Secret Garden” and it oozes atmosphere! Prices were closer to those at home though, but it was jammed 5 minutes after opening!
Good news! I learned some Spanish last night! I can now order a “whiskey and coca cola” although I usually mumble my way through “and” because it´s probably “y” or something. heh.

So, when you come to Spain, forget the over priced Irish bars (pint of Heineken will cost you in the region of €4!) and make friends with some of the locals. You’ll have a ball!

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