Retro consoles for sale again!

Retro gaming has made a comeback! A temporary looking shop on North Main Street in Cork is selling old retro consoles at possibly “Irish” prices. According to the “Bargain Hunt” section in Retro Gamer, a Sega Dreamcast can be purchased on Ebay for about £25 Sterling. They’re going for 59.99 Euro here. Cheap enough for an impulse buy? What do you think Mark?

What’s on offer? I saw the Dreamcast of course, many Gameboys in the window, NES, SNES, Sega Mega Drive (Mega CD), Sega Master System, Nintendo Gamecube (why bother when you have a Wii?), Original Playstation, Master System II with Sonic the Hedgehog cart still stuck in it, Xbox 360 external HD DVD player (40 Euro? Can you buy those discs?) and lots of games. I think there were original Xboxes too. There were loads of games for the system anyway.

I doubt the shop will be open after Christmas, none of the consoles or games look brand new so it might be best to test out any purchases when you get home before wrapping them up for Christmas. Bring a copy of Retro Gamer with you if you go in to check the price on Ebay. I have a feeling the guys running the shop will be more than happy to haggle!

Thanks Richard for the heads up. Worth going in there just for the look. I think Branedy may be interested in it too. (I never owned any of the consoles above so I didn’t get a burst of nostalgia for them!)

6 thoughts on “Retro consoles for sale again!

    1. Haha! Well, me too. I had quite a few of them. I think it’s one of the old Atari connector ones too which I doubt any of the consoles on sale there used.

  1. Wow Donncha, that’s pretty nifty.

    Wish I could find an old Sega Genesis, and “NFL 99 Starring Joe Montana”. I owned that game so hard it isn’t even funny.

  2. The new school SNES looks like a good buy! (the middle pic)
    I think that was the last revision that was ever released.

  3. Why bother with the gamecube? Well with a Freeloader disc you can play US and Japanese games on it, which the Wii won’t do (I use mine to play Tales of Symphonia). Also you can get the Gameboy Player (they grey base of the grey GC in the photo) so you can play GBA games on your telly!

  4. It’s nice to read stories like this knowing that there are many who enjoy going back to the classics. There is more to a game then beautiful graphics.


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