How to Make a Paper Origami Cube

I used to take the bus to school. I would spend about 2 hours every day on busses or waiting for a bus so there was plenty of what I would now longingly think of as “down time”. Time for talking, fooling around, staring into space, reading, whatever.

Back in the day, bus tickets in Ireland were almost square pieces of paper. I was sorely disappointed when a few years ago I took public transport for the first time again and I was handed a long strip of paper. Once I’d cut off the extra bit of paper to make a square I used to make tiny little Origami waterbombs or cubes or even a flapping bird if the mood suited me.

I still use Origami, I made a cube for my son yesterday but I was shocked when:

  • I couldn’t remember how to start it after the initial fold.
  • I hadn’t blogged about it here before!

I made an Origami camera too. It was quite hard to make and in the end not great. I’ll have to try my hand at some more of the the traditional models.