Thanks Tomse for the lengthy comment! I Just tried one of the 172KB disks and the programs I tried on it worked. It may have been just luck getting it working (and in the process I found a disk I had no idea I had with a Commodore Force “Easy Lives 05” program on it). I don’t have a C64 unfortunately, and don’t have the space/time to get one.

I haven’t done anything with the disks yet. Many of the ones I swapped with others have notes on them with personal information that I’m not comfortable sharing. There’s also a “local news” magazine I helped with that Maduplec organised but all the discs have warnings not to distribute. I need to send him the disk images and ask him if it’s ok now. I honestly don’t think they’re “out there” so I’d like to share them.

I’ll see about scanning the disk covers too and I’ll be in touch if I do. There were a couple of nice ones in the collection!