Irish Consumer Boycott, Decemb …

Irish Consumer Boycott, December 2, 2002.
On December 2nd this year there will a boycott by the consumers of Ireland in protest to the excessive and unjust prices that are being charged to the Irish consumer. A similar protest was organized in Greece this year 3rd September where consumers avoided all shops, pubs and restaurants etc. in protest of the prices that were being charged.
The European commissioner for consumer affairs (an Irish man, David Byrne) and the Irish Government have both being entirely passive with this issue when a lot feel something could have been done. Since the Euro change over Ireland leap frogged above France and Germany to become the second most expensive country in the euro zone after Finland. This contention is supported by several leading companies and organisations including Forfas and Price Waterhouse Coopers.
Please advise those you know to support the boycott. The boycott is set to last for one day as in Greece.

Got this in email about 4 or 5 times so here it is for everyone else.
What good will it do? We’ll all go back to buying stuff on the 3rd. It’s also a weekday, if I need to buy my lunch nobody’s getting between me and my food!

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