Fedora Impressions

Ironically prompted by my meeting with MandrakeSoft yesterday, I burned and installed Fedora last night and I’m mildly impressed with it. It looks much the same as RedHat 9, but it feels a lot faster. OpenOffice 1.1 loads a lot quicker, which could be down to some “pre-loading” mechanism I read about a few days ago. Unfortunately Nautilaus crashes more often but it is improved over the version shipped with RedHat 9. I tried KDE last night but I was half asleep so I don’t have any impression that it has improved in the months since the last release.
I noticed that xmms still doesn’t play mp3 files(for patent reasons), and you need to go get a plugin for it.
I downloaded the new version of apt too, and in the process of doing an “update” of that db right now.
Burning DVD+RW disks might be easier as the dvd+rw tools are shipped with Fedora (they’re simple to install anyway). Is there any GUI tool for burning that format? The only way I’ve burned a DVD so far is by using dvdrecord (command line tool) or a Windows app, and they were DVD-R disks.

I think I’ll take a look at Mandrake 9.2 during the week to compare!

By Donncha

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