Thought the ZoomFloppy is a good piece of hardware, you might have won more by getting a 64NIC+ (or other RR-Net adapter), where you can use warpcopy. warpcopy copies an error free floppy side on ~20 secs.. and shows if tracks/sectors are bad, and retries.

If your diskette images are 172kb in size there’s an error on them, I think cmbxfer just skips this, but for most part, the diskettes can be cleaned. take a look at on some of the vids for cleaning 5 1/4″ diskettes.

Did you by any chance send a copy of your disks to ?

I’m a member of a website that tries to keep life to the community, and though we’re mostly posting news on the commodore front, we also try to expand our site. i.e. hosting old commodore related magazines etc.
We also try to collect stuff made in hardcopy from the scene, meaning drawn diskcovers, those small news magazines which were photocopied. If you are willing to scan and distribute, we’d be most appreciative.