Spectra Prints – digital printing in Ireland

Daragh tried Spectra Photo and isn’t impressed by the results. I tried them a year ago and prints came out fine, but then, prices were half of what they are now so it’s probable that it’s not only the price has changed in the intervening period! I still have to try out Digi Print in the UK. Last time I looked at them they were reasonably priced.

2 thoughts on “Spectra Prints – digital printing in Ireland

  1. Yeah, as I said, 6*4 prints are pretty poor, however, the 8*6 came out a whole lot better, so, maybe just stay away for 6*4. I’m going to have a chat with them about things and see what they think, I’ll let you know how I get on.

  2. I’m curious about this. I have the same type of problems and issues.

    Has this been resolved since your posting?

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