Not got Portal 2 yet

I guess last week was a good time to go on holiday. Portal 2 was released early in the week but it didn’t come out in Europe until Friday (and retailers broke that embargo by a day or two). My copy from should hopefully arrive today. Woohoo!

I ordered the PS3 version like a few of my gaming friends who also have gaming PCs. Unfortunately PSN has been down for the last 5 days and there’s no indication it’s coming back any time soon. This post on Joystiq (and this reddit post has more details) suggests it’s because a custom firmware allowed users to add money to their PSN wallet using fake credit cards. Odd that since they boasted that the latest firmware update was supposed to stop all firmware hacking …

Well, it also turns out that some people over at NGU found out that you could provide fake CC# info and the authenticity of the information was never checked as you were on Sony’s private developer PSN network (essentially a network that Sony trusted). What happened next was extreme piracy of PSN content. Sony realizing the issue here shut down the network.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing Portal 2. I know several of you have already finished the game so no spoilers please! I’ve avoided every single review of the game so far except for the glowing tweets from friends. Hopefully when PSN comes back up I can connect my Steam account to my PSN account.

While away from my consoles I’ve been digging into Half Life 2 and I think I’m near the end of the game. What a ride! Such a good game. If you haven’t got it yet, grab the Orange Box on console or login to your Steam account on PC and go buy this beautiful game!
I have to admit I’m playing it on easy setting. I just want to enjoy the experience in the small chunks of time I have available to play games.

In other news the Minecraft server has been updated with the latest version of Bukkit so the Bukkit plugins are back and working!

Update: Late this evening Sony announced that personal information, possibly including credit card details, may have been stolen. If that’s true, Sony will be in a world of hurt with the authorities for their lax security.

11 thoughts on “Not got Portal 2 yet

  1. Good luck trying to play Portal 2 in small chunks… I tried that and ended up playing the whole thing in one sitting… Happened to me with Half-Life 2 as well, so I suppose I might just be addicted to Valve.

    Either way, you will not be disappointed.

  2. Hopefully the PSN gets turned back on soon so you can play the Portal 2 co-op. The single player was a good time but I think the co-op is what really made this game amazing to me.
    Saw you playing Half Life 2 on steam and it motivated me to start to playing it as well. I thought I had beat it previously on the xbox but I quickly realized it was one of those games I started and then stopped for some reason.

  3. The postman just delivered Portal 2, and I will resist playing it until after work! Really really wishing PSN was up so I could register it on Steam too but I can wait ..

    Tye – Saw you playing HL2 as well! Such a great game. Playing on easy really is *too easy* but the variety of gameplay and the story keeps me going. I may come back to it later at normal difficulty.

    1. Waiting to play Portal till after work, that’s no fun :).

      I’m playing HL2 on normal, its still mostly easy at that level. I do die on occasion in tricky situations but it is a great game. Although most of times i die it isn’t so much from enemies, it’s that I fall off of something or just generally do something stupid. Can’t really figure out why I stopped playing it before.

  4. I’m going to turn my Playstation on now and either play some more Borderlands or finish Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Oh the choice of not having any multiplayer 😀

  5. Anyone going to change their credit card details on account of the hack?

    Damn you PSN for giving away my personal information, god help you if my enemies find me.

    1. Nah. I’d be small potatoes, anyway, and as I receive daily emails from my bank -I’m sure I’d notice if anything significant were missing.

  6. I just want to buy the borderlands DLC, I’m nearly finished borderlands as the sniper now and its been a blast. I’ve done every mission. And I hear the DLC is better then the game itself.

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