The Best Game Intro

I think the intro to the original Left 4 Dead has to rate as one of the best game intros I’ve ever seen. Great stuff.

Unfortunately when I play the game I can’t hear any sound. Bah.

Update! Someone mentioned on Twitter that Dead Island had a better intro. Strictly speaking, it’s a trailer but boy does it pull at your heart strings. F*cked up. Check it below but don’t click play if there are kids around. After you’ve watched the trailer, check out this IGN edit that plays the trailer in reverse.



3 Replies to “The Best Game Intro”

  1. The L4D trailer is brilliant I have to say, reminds me a bit of Resident Evil with the big beastie but the Dead Island has left me totally disturbed. I don’t think I will ever sleep again, well definitely never let any of my kids run around hotel corridors that’s for sure 😉

    God that’s a powerful trailer!

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