NyxQuest Kindred Spirits for $1.99

NyxQuest looks like a fun platformer and the PC/Mac version can be bought for only $1.99 on their website, but only for this week.

I haven’t played it yet but at that price it’s a no-brainer and I’m looking forward to trying it later, especially after seeing the positive reaction to the Nintendo Wii version on Metacritic.

By Donncha

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3 replies on “NyxQuest Kindred Spirits for $1.99”

They’re not really alike as the heroine doesn’t do combat from what I’ve seen so far. It is a beautiful platformer and with the mouse you can manipulate some of the background to help you get further. Definitely worth the $1.99 asking price and worth the original $9.99 price too IMO.

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