5 thoughts on “Psychedelic Bad Company 2 Montages

    1. I think Conor is asking this because I asked if he was using one the other night. All I could hear was the audio from his tv coming through his mic!

      Conor – I’m using a Sharkoon Xtatic headset. It’s a surround sound headset and pricey but good.

      You don’t need to spend a fortune on a headset. Get a stereo gaming one with a mic and you’ll enjoy your games a lot more. I’d say you’ll play better but you won’t! 🙂

      1. Really? you should have said, I’d’ve gotten one ages ago. Sadly our current ice age will slow down efforts to buy one slightly. But no doubt I’ll be slamming campers on a headset soon enough.
        And nothing could help my gameplay, nothing but an AN-94 🙂

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