I’ve said it before (maybe in my head, …

I’ve said it before (maybe in my head, but probably in this video) but watching other players in the theater mode in Black Ops is enlightening.

Sometimes I’m outgunned but more often than not it’s because I rush around too much and I’m easy pickings for those with more patience. I’m no Pyropuncher, by a long shot.

So what should a level 9 Black Ops player do? My favourite weapon class is the assault rifle but I’ve only unlocked the Enfield so far. It can be effective but against higher level players I’m outgunned.

I need to play more defensively, I think.

I watched a game I played last night in which I went 6-13 on Jungle (it’s in my recent games list) and it was interesting seeing the highest scoring player play in Theater. He went around with a shotgun and played brilliantly. In one confrontation he jumped out of a hut flanking three enemy soldiers and took them all down. Later however he grabbed a sniper rifle and lay on the ground for a good 20 seconds with the scope on trained on one location. Guess who was unlucky enough to go (slowly and warily) around that corner? Yeah, I still recall thinking he must have been a little camping fecker to get that kill…

So what are your favourite assault loadouts? Duck was using the galil and that motion detector along with his RC car. I watched Mike use that motion detector too in a game of domination but I don’t know if I’ve unlocked it yet. I’m currently using the Enfield with extended mags with hardline, sleight of hand and ninja perks and my global KDR is 0.75.

What would you do?

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    1. I hear ya! I played 3 games of domination tonight and did fairly well, mostly. I did have to slow down a bit though, and defended capped flags as well as capping them which helped up my rate of kills. Much better than a previous 2 games of the same mode on Launch where we got hammered! I don’t think I’ll like that map.

  1. If you want to stick with Assault rifles, you might give the Famas a chance, it seems to do fairly well at distance and close quarters. But I’d also give the SMGs a chance, I use SMGs almost all the time. The MP5 and AK-74 with extended mags are great. When I run extended mags I usually don’t use sleight of hand because in theory I shouldn’t have to reload as often and go with steady aim instead.
    Even after the sound update I’m still not a fan of ninja, its still really hard to hear anybody and I use hacker instead. I’ve found its pretty nice being able to see claymores laying around and it has saved me many a time.
    Also if you are playing domination and are going to be capping flags throw Flak jacket and smoke on. Flak jacket is amazing, as people are raining grenades down on you while you cap a flag, you can just laugh at their efforts.

    1. I just unlocked the Famas! I’m actually level 14, dunno where those last 5 levels went! I played with it earlier and did ok as I said in the comment above. I totally agree with you about Flak jacket, I was thinking that as I died yet again to a nearby grenade..

      Thanks for the advice on sleight of hand and ninja. I suppose Ninja will come into it’s own when the sound is finally fixed, if it ever is.

  2. Wow! It’s been over a week for me since I’ve played. I’m having a hard time remembering the perks. I think I like running with Ghost, Sleight of Hand, Ninja (I think they’re all Pro versions). I was messing around with that setup, though, to get XP for leveling up to the Pro versions of other perks -as well as for the sake of messing around a bit. I have to throw back some grenades for Flak Jacket Pro and be awarded some medals for Lightweight Pro. I know I was working on Warlord… I might have already completed that one.
    1. Gotta make yourself an anti-air class equipped with a lock-on launcher and Ghost (take down 30 aircraft with launcher for Pro). Remember that Spy Planes count as aircraft and there should be plenty of those flying around.
    2. SMGs: AK74u with Rapid Fire (and Grip if using Warlord) using Scavenger (only if you think you’ll live long enough to need replenishing) or Ghost (the standby). I used it during Ground War, so I didn’t need Scavenger.
    3. AssRifles(lol): Galil with Red Dot is what I have equipped, but you could attach whatever you want and it would still be good. You might have to burst fire at a distance, though.
    4. Equipment is up to you. I’ve just been using the claymores, but will be using other equipment for perk requirements.


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