A Bad Company 2 patch for PCs will hit s…

A Bad Company 2 patch for PCs will hit servers tomorrow and among other bug fixes and tweaks this little change caught my eye. Hope it comes to consoles soon, but I haven’t seen many people C4ing crates recently so perhaps it’s a little late for this patch ..

Reduced all weapon damage to the MCOM by 50%

Lots of other changes, including an AN-94 change to reduce it’s short range damage.

So, is this patch too little, too late for Bad Company 2? Will we be still playing this game 2 years from now?

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  1. It’s less likely about C4 and more likely about rocket spam. C4 is a close range tool so no reason to block that. My friends and I commonly will trigger the timer on a MCOM and then spam it with C4 to get it down faster.

    It’s the guys who rocket spam from afar to kill a MCOM is what’s annoying.

    1. That’s true. We were defending Alpha 2 on Nelson Bay the other night and a guy was RPGing the crate. I flanked him and got his dog tags. I think they ran out of tickets eventually… 🙂

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