Bad Company 2 Vietnam will cost $14.99

The new Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion pack will cost $14.99 or 1200MS points, so says the new in-game trailer announced this morning by DICE.

The trailer looks good, but it’s not quite “in-game”. I’ve never seen a BfBC2 gameplay video shot from those angles!

I’ll be buying.

By Donncha

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I’m in too! $15 (or $18 here in Canada) is worth it. I was worried they would try to pull a $30 scam. Now if we only had a release date to look forward too as Winter is about 7 months long here haha

Wow I am pleasantly surprised by this price, I had convinced myself that they were going to try to screw us with a $30 price tag. At $14.99 this will be a sure buy.

Well I’m sold. Some nights after a few hours on BC2 I feel like I’ve gotten shellshock anyway. It’ll be great if this game could do the same. If my wife asks how my evening went I can just rock backward and forward, saying “You weren’t there man, you weren’t there”.

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