I played two games of Call of Duty WAW y…

I played two games of Call of Duty WAW yesterday evening. I have WAW and COD 4 on the Xbox 360 and I was considering trading them in for the PS3 versions.

How did I do? I played in the newbie section and didn’t get one single kill but I did manage a kill assist. Luckily my team won both games so I ranked up to level 3! I got kicked out in the next game because I didn’t have the map though.

I won’t be rushing out to play it just yet.

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  1. Trade them in for ps3’s, its only cost a few euros and I’ll play matches with you. It’d be great to (get killed) show other players what we’re made of (guts). Seriously though, if I saw you playing those games on PSN I’d be in in a flash (ask the wife if I could play)

    1. Haha, I might pop down to Blackpool this evening then. I’ll ring around first as I want to get the game of the year edition of whichever game has that. No point being without maps if it can be helped. Mike, David and Cards all have those games too and they’re threatening to play them!

      Gamestop were looking for 30 Euro each for both games, and I think I’d get about half that for the trade ins. Nice tidy profit for them.

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