Panama Canal SDM

Map Pack #6 brought with it squad deathmatch on Panama Canal for Bad Company 2 so I wanted to try that last night. The first team I joined didn’t make much headway and I joined late. I still managed a positive KDR of 12/7, best on my squad. The winners of that game only needed 5 kills or so to win but the next game with the squad was so slow. I’d say people from the other squads left in-between. It took an age to get to 11 kills and we were winning but I was so bored I started shooting into the air to attract attention! That’s one problem with SDM on this map, you need a full game.

I tried squad rush on Laguna Presa after that game but ended up on a team that was on the last base when Mike logged in so I jumped out and we got into another game of SDM.

Wow. When you join a couple of guys using their mics it makes so much of a difference! We joined when our squad had 5 kills and the leading team had almost 40. Before the game ended we had closed the gap and ended up with 43 kills. I finished with a KDR of 10/4 for that one.

The next game with these guys was on Panama Canal again and was similar. At the start of the game the map was empty but it filled up. We had a blast and won that game fairly easily! KDR after that was 14/3! Mike got 15 kills, two of us got 14 and one 7 kills.

With regret I had to leave as it was getting late but those were fun games.

SDM on Panama Canal is a funny beast. There are lots of wookies as it’s a huge map. To counter that there’s lots of cover too. Most of the battles took place at C where it’s very dangerous hanging out on the roof. You can be hit be assault rifles from quite a distance away. (I should know! hehe) But if you stay around there you’re going to come across the enemy so it’s a good spot.

Making life more difficult for snipers are the multiple routes around the map. More than once I almost walked up on a sniper who’s aiming down sights. That’s an easy and static target for any enemy. There are also lots of flanking routes too, so watch out. I flanked a wookie who was expecting me to come straight at me around a container. I went the other way and got him from the side!

Beware of falling into the water. At one end of the dock, away from the bridge of the ship there, if you fall in you have to climb out by swimming out of bounds. Do it as quickly as you can. I barely made it back to the play area.

Bonus – the first SDM on Panama Canal video I’ve found:

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