Well that was an odd game of Squad Death…

Well that was an odd game of Squad Death Match in Bad Company 2. I joined after playing Onslaught in hardcore mode (thanks Mike for joining in briefly!) but after we were decimated Mike left to go off to the cinema and my squadmates decided they wanted to play with themselves so the game ended prematurely.

Anyway, on to SDM. This is one of the times I wish I had a PVR. The squad I joined was leading with 5 kills when I joined and I was doing well. The matchmaking system working perfectly for once. Then I got killed and spawned on Matheu who was crouched in the upper corner of a house. I noticed a number of C4 charges on the lower floors and presumed he was waiting to kill someone with the explosives. Thinking, “Good luck with that”, I ran down the stairs and off into the fight.

Later on I spawned on him again. He was still in the same house! I checked the scores and he had 2 kills to his name. Over the mic I asked him what he was doing crouched there. He didn’t reply so I got out the grenade launcher, aimed over his head and blew away the wall behind him! Sure, the guy needed some sun being locked away in that corner for so long! “Here, I’ll let some daylight in.” He fell out unfortunately but came racing up again into another corner. “Eh? Let me help you.” Boom, more daylight! Boom! Boom!

Repeat this a few more times. When I saw his explosives from elsewhere in the map I’d lob a few 40mm grenades over in his direction. The resulting explosion would more likely than not set off his C4, and unfortunately I killed him when he wasn’t fast enough evacuating one building. I think between us we took down 3 houses.

He left the game shortly after the teamkill. I miss him. Did I upset him? I was just helping him get a tan.

Good news, we went on to win the game! Thanks to Matheu I blew holes in one house, looked out and saw two medics in a house across the road and got myself a double kill. Later on I killed a guy in the middle of the road, a medic jumped out and revived him. Would could I do? I shot the medic, and pumped the original guy full of bullets until I ran out. He was invulnerable of course, but my trusty sidearm took care of him when that wore off.
Got the last kill of the game too. Woohoo!

We won the game, I got 18 kills, ace pin in the game and a positive KDR. Great game. Very enjoyable.

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  1. I don’t get the people who sit in the roof and do NOTHING. They get maybe two kills when someone stumbles up the stairs. Were you in the game before when there was a random on our squad who was doing the same thing, but was assault so had nothing to use other than his gun. I was running C4 so I kept chucking it at him every time I spawned – you, to keep him warm as it must get cold sitting in the corner all the time. He didn’t seem to appreciate it either – maybe they were related?

  2. I remember that game! I hadn’t noticed that guy but I remember you C4ing the houses. Same level too, on White Pass. They have to be related!

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