Mayhem in Onslaught Land

I had what I hoped would be a quick game of Bad Company 2 Onslaught this morning. It was hardcore, on Isla, and turned into a 28 minute bloodbath! I joined a great squad who pushed hard and we did well until the very last base. Our resident sniper was invaluable. Despite there being 2 engineers on the team he shot the pilot out of the enemy helicopter! I got a kill assist for my RPG hit however.

The sniper was well placed too as the rest of us had our asses handed to us on many an occasion. He was the sole survivor until after our 4th or 5th assault on the last base when we were all killed. Pity really as we were doing quite well. Earlier I changed to medic and with another player camped on the flag behind the stone barriers taking points off the flag. We even took down the enemy one and our flag was half raised when we were flanked and both of us taken down! ARGH!

On hardcore the enemy AI is much better at flanking, although they flank the same way each time so it’s only a matter of learning the patterns. A medic or two always flanked around by where Alpha would be, one medic was almost always sitting in the dirt by the front-middle of the base. Watch out for him.

That last base probably needs a two pronged attack, from left and right with the guys on the left capping the flag while the guys on the right push up and stop the enemy flanking.
Oh yeah, on hardcore you need at least one medic and he should run with at least one of the medic pack enhancements. I used both and they helped a lot. The iron sight on the 249 is good enough that I’ll sacrifice the RDS.

A few days ago Mike and I jumped into a game on easy to practice our flying skills. The heli got knocked out eventually but we had it up in the air for a good 15 minutes! Got a good number of kills as the gunner with Mike easing the vehicle around and around the base.

PS. Hands up who knows where I got the title of this post? It’s C64 related so if you’re a young fella you probably won’t have a clue!

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