C4 on the roof

If you thought C4ing the MCOM station was bad check out the video above. You can plant C4 on the roof of the second Alpha on Arica Harbour and blow it up! Now, it takes so much C4 it’s not practical but if someone was determined they could do it.

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You can also do that on the 2a & b on atc dessert because I have had it done to me and done it to them. That is a great “tactic” that some people use like putting C4 on a quad. A lot of skill needed there.

When you’ve gotten rid of bravo and all that’s left is alpha, something like this can and will win the match–at that point, getting into alpha might be nigh impossible, since people like to camp inside it.

Of course the easier thing to do is to climb up the first construction building and to use the stationary AT to shoot rockets into alpha from afar–no one’s paying attention to that part of the map, so getting there is usually pretty easy.

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