Had quite a bit of fun in Bad Company 2 …

Had quite a bit of fun in Bad Company 2 Onslaught tonight. Played easy difficulty with strangers. Some games were great, some downright terrible. Had loads of fun in the heli on Atacama Desert and even kept the bird flying for quite some time!

I almost always came out with the highest number of kills simply because my squad didn’t always know how to play Onslaught. They didn’t push hard enough, taking cover metres away from the flag instead of camping on it. Other times they downright ignored my calls for help.

TexasGhost who was afk for the game below flew in the heli with me as a gunner in one game and had his mic on and proved to be good company flying over the enemy.

Guess who was playing as recon on Nelson Bay? His one saving grace was as a (rear) spawn point when b-man and myself got taken out at the same time.

Beat a few of my best times tonight too. Good fun!

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    1. Argh, some of the people playing Onslaught really haven’t a clue how to play. Wish I could come up against them in a game of rush …

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