If you’re sick and tired of Bad Company…

If you’re sick and tired of Bad Company 2 rush, give squad death match a go. I joined David and Mike in a game of Onslaught last night on Atacama Desert and I swear, the game is getting harder, even on easy level.

When Onslaught came out Mike and I completed that level with just the two of us but the forces amassed against us last night were definitely harder than they were before. Still, it was a nice challenge, especially after the continued disappointment that is rush these days.

Conor joined us too and after 2 games of that we went to squad deathmatch but Conor had to leave. We did quite well! We didn’t win every game but it was such a relief not having to worry about C4 ***holes blowing up our MCOM stations. Sully joined us for the last game (or two?) and on Arica Harbour we ripped the opposition apart. They certainly weren’t the best players ever. I was killed by a medic out in the open and spawned nearby to see him go into a house. I got a hit marker on him and I was sure he saw me as he backed up the stairs so I threw a grenade up the stairs and then a smoke grenade for cover. Did he shoot me down? He was out on the balcony enjoying the sun! Awareness fail!

Something similar happened right at the end too. A sniper on the hill by the pylons took me out when my knife drew blood but failed to kill him. After spawning I returned to the very same spot and there he was! Unfortunately the game ended in a win for us before I got a chance to retaliate. Got a nice 14/3 KDR in that game! Hopping into the tank helped as well of course.

I also booted up the Xbox and had a game with Peace, a guy I met on hupitgaming. Unfortunately my mic seems to be broken on the Xbox which is annoying. It uses a different connection than the PS3. We were playing rush on Nelson Bay and unfortunately lost defending and attacking. 🙁

On PS3, my KDR increased to 0.83, skill level jumped up 240 points. I made it to level 28 too!

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  1. Hey Donncha, interesting article here about why PC and consoles aren’t playing on the same servers. Its possible and they tested BC2 PC gamers against xbox 360 gamers.

    “The console players got destroyed every time. So much so that it would be embarrassing to the XBOX team in general had Microsoft launched this initiative.”

    Apparently the PC configuration is just more naturally then the controller. I’m playing the original Call of Duty on the PC at the moment and I must say it is fun.
    Maybe the mouse/keyboard just stop that whole “missing” thing I do now and then.

    Anyway heres the link.

    1. Yeah, saw that on several news sites. Wish the consoles would use their USB connections to allow us to play games with a keyboard and mouse. It’s so much better than a controller!

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