It really sucks when your squad is the o…

It really sucks when your squad is the only one attacking. Or at least it seems that way. In our last game there we lost but it felt like the rest of our team was just hanging back. It’s not as if it benefited them. We got best squad and our lowest score was easily 500 points above the nearest one below.

Some tough games of Bad Company 2 tonight but my KDR remains at 0.82. I played half an hour of Singularity first. I’m enjoying that game. The shotgun makes progress so much easier! 🙂

Edit: David got on just after I left, here’s his blog post about his rather different experience. Me? I’m up at 6am this morning. *yawn*

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  1. Oh yeah. I can’t believe the number of people using C4 and rockets on crates. It’s disheartening. It’s unfortunate that it’s a part of the game.

  2. I missed you guys again, didn’t get on until midnight. Not too many C4 chumps tonight though in my games. Maybe one guy on the opposition who was getting killed before he could detonate.

    1. I was defending a crate on Arica Harbour and literally turned my back for 5 seconds. I looked back and there were two medics at the crate. Next moment it blew. ARGH!

      Just noticed my skill level plummeted yet again by 65 points!

  3. They were good games last night though. I had a lot fun last night with the squad we were in. We had some good organisation in the team that’s how we beat them two C4 nob heads but were unlucky to win the attacking round. I think we lost because I was running shotgun and was to far away to kill them on defuse. But you live you learn. Had alot of fun last

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