Blacklight: Tango Down has adverts?

This ars review of Blacklight: Tango Down is quite scathing. What caught my attention though was this paragraph:

Also note that the game also uses the Massive network to deliver advertising to the game, which means every billboard and poster is advertising a real-world product. The game has a futuristic aesthetic, and the ads stick out in an uncomfortable way. If blatant advertising is a turn-off, this is not your game.

No other review mentioned the adverts so maybe they didn’t turn them on until recently. I didn’t see them in any Youtube footage of the game either. Anyone else noticed the adverts?

The game has been out for a little while now. That initial “something new” glow has to have worn off by now. Is it worth the purchase price?

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  1. I’m pretty sure Crackdown on the Xbox360 was the first game to put real advertising in game. Adverts showing up on the in game billboards. There was a bit of a fuss kicked up over that, but they did it anyway. When it comes down to it, I think adverts are more acceptable in Blacklight due to its price point rather than being included in a full price game, that you also have to pay another company the privilege to play online (XBL).

    Personally, I ignore all adverts online. I use FF and Adblocker to browse. I tend to buy products/services that I’m actually looking for after checking to see what’s available – not impulse buy from the first company that puts up a “punch the monkey” ad.

    For a game like Blacklight that is reasonably priced, has everything included and the developers currently aren’t interested in fleecing their customers I think adverts are totally acceptable.

  2. I agree. You get a lot for your up front payment and I have to wonder if they’re really that noticeable? I’ll have to watch out for them more closely. I suffer from ad blindness anyway so I don’t even bother with the ad blockers 🙂

    The review seems overly harsh however, others have taken the price into consideration but I guess if something isn’t fun to play it’s not worth any (little) amount of money.

      1. See my comment? I haven’t played it since but that’s more to do with spare time than anything else.
        It looks great, it’s a good game but reviews are mixed. You can have a lend of it if you want.

  3. This game is quite fun and at 15 bucks, the same price as a Modern Warfare 2 map pack, it’s a good deal. I never noticed the advertisements myself as the gameplay is super fast paced. It is lacking some of the polish you would expect from a big title shooter: art is not up to snuff, feedback on leveling up and unlocks is not prominent enough, setting up loadouts is a little painful. But, still good and at a budget price as a digital release it’s pretty interesting.

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