Who is Stephanie Raven?

If you’ve played Little Big Planet recently you’ll have come across the name “Stephanie Raven” numerous times. Somehow she gets her levels on the first of the “Cool Levels” planet all the time.

I first figured out that something was wrong when I played a level that looked eerily familiar but didn’t have the familiar face on it to denote I finished it. She’s not the only one. This thread was near the top of a search for her name and pointed at this one about Clay_20_November, another LBP spammer.

It’s a pretty sad way to spend your time if you have to copy LBP levels and post them as your own for validation in this life.

These days I skip forward a few pages to find newer levels and that helps. There are some stunning levels hidden in there!

0 thoughts on “Who is Stephanie Raven?

  1. User created levels are not something that I’ve looked in to so much on LBP. Can you make some recommendations, or a top ten your favourite community levels.

    And yes, cheating your way to the top of anything is a fairly pathetic form of “entertainment”.

    1. There are some stunning ones out there. I’ve hearted quite a few but can’t figure out how to view those levels. I actually hearted a couple yesterday I wanted to play myself when Adam decided they were too hard for him to play.

  2. agreed. how can someone just do that? whats the point?? hopefully there will be “spam police” in LBP2

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