I’m glad David made his latest smoke po…

I’m glad David made his latest smoke post a few days ago. I’ve been running it more and more since and it helped on Valpairaso last night. We were defending (Hi Conor!) and pushed back to the third base, but we were fighting all the way.

The attackers seemed to have an abundance of wookies who liked nothing better than to lay up on the hill firing mortar strikes and shooting into the village. Along with a light tank they did devastating damage to the buildings there. My attention was mostly on the tank but when I cottoned on that wookies were busy I put down a load of smoke on their hill. I think I made them mad. Even their UAV came after me! My KDR was shocking but they never got the last crate. We successfully disarmed it a few times under cover of smoke!

Unfortunately for one of my squad, he left and I got killed by him a few minutes later! Should have stayed with the winning team!

Earlier I had a game with Mike, and we stopped the enemy at the first base on that map. I joined late but still managed to down a helicopter or two!

My KDR was briefly 0.83 before last night’s game but it’s dropped back to 0.82 again. My skill level nose dived by 192 points too! I guess I’ll be first into game and invite the rest of you, eh?

Oh! Run vehicle smoke before you get on the UAV! I knew it could fire smoke but didn’t realise it fires 3 smoke canisters that creates a huge cloud of smoke! I tried it on Isla but unfortunately not enough of our team took advantage of it.

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  1. That guy must have been going for the Squad Hopper pin. I don’t really get how people can duck out of games all the time anyway. Unless they’re C4/Mining the MComs I’m usually there for the duration regardless of outcome. I’m either too lazy, or too tenacious for my own good (stats).

    I was reading some previous comments on one of your other posts between you and Mike regarding tactics and working more tightly as a squad. Totally agree with that. I’m probably the most guilty of running off and doing a poor impersonation of John Rambo. We really should start moving more as a squad and having a clear idea of what our objectives are.

  2. Glad you agree, now we just need to get you online now for a game or two ?. We do need to work as a team because we are all guilty of going Rambo once in a while. If we work As a team and get some roles and positions played there is now reason why we carnt start winning again

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