Rush on Atacama Desert is hard. Mike, Co…

Rush on Atacama Desert is hard. Mike, Conor and I played 2 rounds on it last night. Once defending and the second attacking.

In the first game we were pushed back to the last base before we managed to defeat the opposition. The maps are so wide they were able to get through time and again and even though we had full teams on both sides I only managed about 4 kills.
The second game was worse. We were attacking and didn’t even take the first base!

We played other maps with varying degrees of success. It seems to me that BC2 multiplayer is getting harder and harder. Perhaps only the “hardcore” players are left as everyone else has gotten bored of playing the same old maps time and again? Thanks Graham for joining us earlier in the evening!

My KDR is still at 0.82, but probably only just. My skill level plummeted to 222, or 156 depending on which number you look at. My win/loss is 1.53.

Here’s Stonefacelock and co attacking on Atacam Desert. We weren’t quite as successful.

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  1. I stayed on after you and Connor left and had a couple more games on lag presser and the team we were playing against were very good. They rushed us like mad all the way through the bases. It was the same team as before that’s why it was so differcult on the dessert map. There wasn’t any one higher then 30 I think but the whole team was playing there role and everyplayer was rushing even the bush wookies were up from. We nearly had them on the third base but they got it again and then took the last easily.
    On attack was better with are team playing ok but I think we won but not sure and I went 36. – 5.
    I think we need to try it again with a different team and just rush rush rush

  2. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that every team we play on rushes forward when defending. Attack is the best form of defense to be sure but there were times we were the only ones in our base. Remember Valpairaso? That technique worked as we stopped them on the first base! ‘Course their silly helicopter pilot didn’t help. He should have been running smoke but instead ran and hid when we tracered him!

    Oh, I took a look at your history tab on – KDR of 1.92 for the games last night! Wow. I’ve been mostly below 1.0 for the past few weeks ๐Ÿ™

    I need to run smoke more often, I read David post on it but didn’t get to watch the video until this morning. It probably would have helped when we were attacking on Atacama Desert.

    Anyway, my skill level is gone down, that’s good news ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. At one point this week my skill level went up to 500+ which is just mad but now it has gone back down to around the 450 level which is about the norm for me. The smoked worked on Val when we were on the last base and some put smoke and I ran and planted A but they disfused

      1. 500! That’s crazy! Remind me not to join your game again!

        I’m pretty sure that smoke was mine. I remember firing at Alpha in that base thinking I had 40mm grenades. I was slightly confused when the house didn’t blow up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Just watched that vid and there looked like there were about 5 people on the other team. One thing that I can take from that vid is that we must work as a team more.
    Last night we were all over the place and not working together just doing are own thing. If the gang is on one night this weekend then I think we should start taking tactics. I have noticed over the past couple of games that interest levels are now starting to drop and that includes me. We should start to put some tactics and planning in like we used to do then I think we can bring some fun and start to win them games again.
    What do you think ?

    1. True. I think it’s “mapathy” but also overdosing on it as well as all the late nights taking it’s toll. After my holiday in Dingle a while back I started getting positive KDRs. A week of having my son minded and early nights helped a huge amount!

      It’d certainly be worth discussing tactics and agreeing load outs before a game, as well as sending the weakest player (aka me!) in first.

      1. I don’t think your the weakest player and I think you should send in the strongest player first to do damage and let the rest follow. We should always work as a 2 man squad never be alone as well.

      2. Thanks! What I meant was the player with the lowest skill level, so the opposing team will match that player. Of course the hard thing is finding a game with enough places for the full squad.

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