I got Bioshock 2 free when I bought Sing…

I got Bioshock 2 free when I bought Singularity in Gamestop this morning. Both are second hand and they’re running a “buy 1, get 1 (select) game free”. Bioshock 2 was on my Amazon wishlist so it was a good way of spending a 40 Euro voucher (plus €4.99 to make up the difference)

Now I just need to finish the original Bioshock ..

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I just played half an hour of Singularity and it’s scared the hell out of me. Surround sound headphones, creepy atmospheric sounds and ghostlike wafting wind signal a hallucination and attack by a mutant.
Hearing doors shut, watching a child’s ball bounce down the stairs, hearing children laughing in the distance. Creepy when there’s not supposed to be anyone alive. *gulp*

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