Proof positive if any was needed that a …

Proof positive if any was needed that a team composed of recons will not win a game of Bad Company 2 rush. We were defending on Port Valdez and there was 3-4 snipers on the hill with a medic reviving them. They were annoying but they never made it past the first base.
They never stood a chance defending. It was with pleasure I took out of those snipers after their second base went down. They were sitting up on the pipes behind Alpha taking pot shots at people, so I snuck around the containers. Took aim, 1 down, adjust aim, 2 down! Another sniper was taking shelter on the other side of the base and he suffered a similar fate. Unfortunately their medic came along at the wrong moment and made mince meat of me with his M60.
I probably shouldn’t have stolen the Apache from the last base. We didn’t need it! Dave would have done more damage with it on the ground. And yes, I drove it like a drunken judge. I couldn’t remember how to go up. Ooops.

Oh, and I started on Arica Harbour as usual. Defending, and we stopped them at the third base, and then won attacking in the next round. I joined a good team! 🙂

All in all, some great games. David invited a PSN buddy, Jackmufc (I think?) and later Cardsnumber7 joined us and did a fine job taking out the annoying snipers I mentioned earlier. I only got one I think. I’m still trying to get the hang of the 12x scope.

My KDR didn’t increase, but my skill level did, from 22 to 105 (although BfBC2 says it’s 176!). That probably explains why we tore up the other team as I was first into the game. Win/Loss ratio has jumped from 1.54 to 1.60 which is always nice. And woohoo, got my sixth gold star for the AN-94!

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  1. I can’t use the 12x scope for toffee! After you left it was just Cards and I attacking on Nelson Bay – we steamrollered them. Unfortunately I wasn’t recording until the second base as I’m an idiot. And double idiot at that because when I planted Bravo at base one I got a smoke grenade kill – deliberately!

  2. i had a great time playing with u guys. When u guys were recon you actually dropped mortars and did things for the team which I appreciated. I really hate when people are recons but you guys did well and it’s not so bad on defense….now attacking…..different story. Thanks guys.

    1. When we play, it’s all about the objective. Can’t speak for Jackmufc99 though, as last night was the first time he’d joined us. But we play we play for the win and will generally swap up kits to whatever is needed to get the job done.

  3. There were too many recons on that other team. One or two perched in a good location to defend a crate might be sufficient but I was in the first Alpha on Port Valdez when it blew (upstairs in the attic) and only saw one defender attempt to disarm the crate. All whoring their KDR methinks!

    David – remember our “friend” luopo88 or whatever he was called? I couldn’t believe he was doing what Cole in that video I posted yesterday. He set C4 all around a crate while we defended on Laguna Presa and hung back behind David on the MG with his trigger until he got bored, or maybe it was my shooting him encouraged him to get back into the game.

    1. I think the amount of recons they had on their was just right. Just right for us – it meant that we only had to deal with about three people who were actually trying to go for the crates 😀

      As for thingy88…. the reason I asked you to check his name for me wasn’t because of the C4 – it was because I was obviously in “his spot” on the Heavy MG. The whole time I was on it he was shooting and knifing at me – and he even put C4 on it in an attempt to get me off! In the end I sent him a message telling him to ‘piss off’. I’ll up the footage to zshare later for you guys to see – I won’t be putting it on YouTube as it’s quite negative and I don’t want to start posting arsehole moments like that.

      Thanks for the games guys.

      1. Ah just checked… the ONLY footage I’ve got from last night was the very last game with Cards. I forgot, I had my machine rendering the highlights vid when I went on. You may now call me an idiot, or if you prefer you can refer to me as The Idiot….

      2. I don’t feel so bad for shooting him then, and I dropped an ammo box near him so I’d get a few points off him. He might as well serve some useful function! 🙂

        Shame you didn’t have any footage. I’ll have to get the Flip Mino out again, find the missing piece of my tripod and record a game or two.

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