In a tough game of Bad Company 2 it’s a…

In a tough game of Bad Company 2 it’s always great when you steal their tank. Thanks Dave for the lift in the Hind, and Tye for all the repairs! They hadn’t a clue, and I got a few kils on my way back to the final base on Isla. A team that beat us several times finally succumbed to our awesome fighting skills!

KDR remains unchanged which I was surprised about. I made it to level 26, and thanks to Conor who nudged me to play BC1 online I’m now a veteran and unlocked the Garand. I also unlocked the recon’s RDS.

Tough bloody games with Mike, David and later TyeWebb.

Edit: How did my skill level go up? No wonder they were difficult games if I was killing so many players with higher skill levels than I had!

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  1. And I just remembered while watching this. If you get in a tank with a non-squad mate make sure they know how to avoid a mortar strike.

    “Reverse you idiot! Reverse!”

    I got out of the tank in time but not before sustaining serious injuries and a hand grenade got me moments later. Grrrr.

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