Thanks for reply but I’m not seeing it come on my site.
The cache was preloaded and there were some 1222 Super cache files. I visit a page on my site, see the source and found the GZip (which is enabled by the way). I leave a comment on that page and see the source again and find that there is no Gzip and the page is freshly cached.
I reload the page (after clearing the cache of my browser) and still don’t see the Gzip comment in the source.
This is not happening on your site (Ocaoimh). I leave a comment, for example this comment, on a Gzipped page and even after submitting the comment, I find the Gzip comment in the source.
What is wrong with my settings?
I’m on ON mode with SC with mobile support and ‘refresh the page only when a comments are made’ box ticked, compression enabled.