Phoar! Kick ass game of Bad Company 2 on…

Phoar! Kick ass game of Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360 with a group of strangers, who all used their mics! It was great! We destroyed the other team while defending, holding them off on base 2 of Nelson Bay, and almost holding them off on the first base. They were down to 2 tickets and got Alpha by destroying the building!! Argh!

We had great times on Arica Harbour too. I took the second Alpha. Shot a guy point blank as he rounded the corner. CG into the garage door and set the bomb. A squad mate spawned on me and between us defended the crate until it blew up!

We were quite unlucky on Nelson Bay. We lost the first bravo quickly but held off the attackers until they were at 2 tickets. I changed to the Saiga and it rocked, but unfortunately they got the base by destroying the house. (I did the same to them on Arica Harbour!) We stopped them dead on the second Alpha. The shotgun proved it’s worth clearing out the crate time and again.

The final level was on Arica Harbour attacking, and we won again. I think we lost one game but I was placed on a great squad and it made a world of difference.

Oh, the people we played against hardly ever used tracer darts. When I was blowing Alpha 1 apart on Arica Harbour I was an easy target but not one dart to be seen. We were hit by a mortar strike and an AT rocket (survived both and repaired) but I wonder if the tracer dart is common knowledge among players?

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I hope so! My son Adam is a little sick and I’m slightly under the weather but I’m well rested, the day hasn’t been stressful, so far, and I’m looking forward to some team play 🙂

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