I finally hit level 18 in Bad Company 2 …

I finally hit level 18 in Bad Company 2 and kept that level. Unfortunately my PS3 froze and I had to leave the game just after I leveled making me nervous about my score but I didn’t need to worry. It was recorded.

I love the Saiga shotgun. It rocks! 🙂

First few games were very tough but then around 11.30pm we found a more evenly matched team and had good fun again. I lost count of the number of helicopters I took down! Took down two blackhawks on Isla, the last one exploding almost over my head, and I saw the hapless pilot parachute into the hills where there’s no way he made it back into the safe zone in time. 🙂
(Edit: Dave posted about the games and has a 14 minute low res video of it too. It’s impossible to make out names but I recognised scenes from it. Damn, I want a PVR now!)

Thanks Conor, Dave and Mick for some great games!

They fixed the Alpha 2 bug on Isla. That’s the one where you could destroy an mcom station by knifing two bits of wood behind the building. Unfortunately it’s still buggy. I entered this game on Isla when the building holding Alpha 2 was destroyed. The graphic showing the Alpha crate still showed up so I entered the rubble and crouched right in front of it but failed to set the bomb. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get at it, even taking a tank and firing on the rubble. I was about to leave the game when my team took Bravo 2 and and announcement to move up sounded!
The screenshot above shows Alpha 2 as well as Alpha 3 and Bravo 3! It didn’t happen in the next game. (Submitted to reddit)

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