iMP 4 in 1 Multi Component AV Cable Xbox360/Wii/PS2/PS3

My quest for a component switcher cable continues. Play-asia were totally unresponsive and then so were so I’ve ordered the iMP 4 in 1 Multi Component AV Cable Xbox360/Wii/PS2/PS3 from an reseller. It’s almost half the price again of the XCM cable I had ordered from Divineo.

Needless to say I have cancelled my Divineo order.

All I want to do is play my PS3 in HD, is that so bad? *sob* (sound of violins, fade to black, roll credits)

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Yeah, in the time I’ve dealt with them:
We received a gift I ordered for my son’s birthdayA book from an Amazon reseller I ordered on Thursday (wrong one but the return centre on is simple to use) and my wife emailed the local supermarket chain to ask why our local shop doesn’t have the discount holiday stickers yet. They emailed her back at 9:17am this morning.

Here’s hoping the cable above is good enough; the tech behind analogue cables isn’t rocket science. They’ve been around for years!

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