Wow, that’s all I can say about tonight…

Wow, that’s all I can say about tonight’s games, and smoke grenades FTW, I think.

While I waited for the others I hopped into a game with strangers. They were useless! The totally ignored the bases, nobody had a mic on and everyone ran around like headless chickens! I actually had to mute my mic I wanted to scream so much at them!

I was playing first with Mark, David and Conor but unfortunately Conor had problems with his PS3 or at least he disconnected a few times. Must talk to him about that. Mark’s friend Gary got into the squad then. We left a game in which we were getting overrun at every turn, but we still managed to be “the best squad” twice maybe? The rest of our team sucked big time.

Then on to Squad Death Match. We did okish. There were some good moments but we went back to Rush and had a blast.

I concentrated on my assault class. I unlocked the second assault rifle and the smoke grenade eventually and went to town on it. I think it helped!
When defending, the attackers had to be right on top of us to see us, and the smoke provided cover when defusing bombs. When attacking it provided a corridor for us to run through to the bomb and blow it up. While waiting for a bomb to blow a few smoke grenades tossed on the ground made it very difficult for the opposition to figure out where we waited for them. Oh yes, smoking kills! Especially when you hit someone in the chest with a smoke grenade.

We combined smoke and spotting in the second base in Valparaiso. I laid down smoke over the village while Mark spotted from the back and then on the lighthouse. I swear, all those bobbing orange triangles were like Christmas lights on a foggy evening! 🙂

When on smoke grenade duty you probably won’t get many kills. You’re too busy reloading and laying down cover for your team. It was worth it. Did we lose any game after we got into our stride? The night’s a blur. My stats haven’t updated yet. It probably will have by the time you read this. I got to level 7 8 tonight!

PS. check out David’s post on the night’s gameplay!

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  1. Once we got our game down we didn’t lose a single match. The other squads definitely complimented our tactics although they were probably thinking “What the hell are they doing with all that smoke!”

    It was definitely one of the best game nights I’ve played – your pals were saying the same when we went offline after one last round (which we won on defence without giving away a single M-Comm station).

    1. On Laguna Presa they didn’t have a clue. Remember the guys who sat on the horizon with the sky behind them? They obviously couldn’t see me as I was watching them for a good 5-10 seconds while I threw some more smoke about. Got one of them in the head too! 🙂

      Some of them flanked us to Alpha but I think we made life very difficult for them! They hardly ever set a charge on Bravo.

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