Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern War…

Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 updated today.

I bought the MW2 map pack and unlocked the BC2 maps with my VIP pass. Woohoo!

Are you happy with the updates and map pack?

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  1. Very nice screenshots.

    I don’t even know how to get the points to download it yet as I’ve never looked at that , jeez wot a noob I am.

    Guess I’ll find out tonight although I have poker so depending on what time I get back it may have to be tomorrow at which point everyone will know the maps and I will be way behind you all

    1. I’m sorta planning on taking it easy tonight so that’ll be the two of us who won’t know the maps. Besides, the kids who play it all hours will know them backwards much sooner than the rest of us!

      You can buy your MS points on XBL but it’s cheaper to buy online. I got mine from back in December and had the points left over since then.

    2. I take it back. I’m trying to join a game in the “Stimulus” section and it can’t. It looks for 50ms, 60ms and 70ms games and then bombs out.

      The double XP is only available in the new maps too.

      1. 402 mentioned that part of the stimulus update was to tweak the ping, so maybe it’s automatically stopping connections over 70ms (which is good for me) – but that’s no good for those people with crappy connections or friends on the other side of the world. I know people like Pyropuncher play with our American cousins quite a lot so that’s probably going to screw him up.

    1. The update just allows you to play different game modes on some of the existing maps. Not much of an update but EA made a big song and dance about it being free!

  2. Thanks for the site links. I can get 1200 points from them for £10.99 so I’ll check what XBL charge as they are saying 24 hours for delivery.

    1. 24 hours? I think I got mine within a few hours but I could of course be wrong.

      I’d love to see if it’s as “cheap” on Xbox Live as on the web. I know that paying MS directly for an Xbox Live sub is much more expensive.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the maps, but I always thought IW was never good at making them (Bungie, in my mind, is still the king of maps). The new ones are either sniper or camper paradises. The worst thing was that you could only play the Stimulus playlist, which included no TDM – all Search and Destroy, Sabotage, etc., which are all terribly boring for me. I hear that the new maps will be placed into all playlists today, though, so now I’m feeling a bit better about them.

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