Problems with Battlefield Bad Company 2 …

Problems with Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers? I was booted twice.

The first time it reported a network error but I had a laptop next to me and the network was fine here. Second time my Xbox 360 froze after only 40 minutes play. I had to switch it off and on again.

I’m seeing a definite trend on Nelson Bay. The first house containing the bomb at Bravo has been demolished by snipers using mortar rounds in two of my games. I suspect defence gameplay is going to evolve as people learn to counter that threat. Otherwise the house is fairly easy to defend.

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  1. It’s a ps3 problem two , do you have any lag in the game since the last patch for ps3?

    1. I got kicked once from a game last night but otherwise no. Someone I was playing with got kicked 3 times in an hour though!

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