Defibrillators can kill in Battlefield B…

Defibrillators can kill in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and here’s the proof:

As a medic I was crouched in the bushes on a rock looking for a team mate (I think) and had the defibrillator equipped when I turned around and there was an enemy player crouched down and ready to snipe on my team! I didn’t have a gun in my hands so I used the paddles, hit the trigger and got my kill! Shocking stuff!

Update! Want to know how well your favourite (or not) player on Youtube is doing? Just type their username into the box. Here’s UnLimited-UAV or Wings of Redemption as he’s more famously known as. The guy plays a lot (unsurprisingly), but hasn’t yet got a defibrillator kill! Sasbenjr has however.

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    1. I accidentally picked it up once. Honest! There’s an over abundance of snipers in BC2 unfortunately but if you spot them (back key) for other snipers to take out you get a 20 point spotting bonus 🙂

      1. I like the idea that the stats are visible to all. It’s nice to be able to see how other people are doing and what their preferred load outs are. Interestingly, WoR complains (WoR complaining?) in one of his videos about people tank whoring…..and there he is Black Hawk Limpet!

        At the very least when I get the game it’ll give you guys something to have a laugh about 😀

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