OMG. I played a blinder this evening. Pa…

OMG. I played a blinder this evening. Paul and Eddie joined me in a few games of Modern Warfare 2 today. Here’s how it went:

  1. 15 0 4 Derail
  2. 15 0 7 Invasion
  3. 9 1 8 Skidrow
  4. 10 0 7 Derail
  5. 12 1 10 Sub base
  6. 10 0 10 Highrise
  7. 13 4 5 Junkyard
  8. 14 0 6 Skidrow
  9. 12 0 6 Rundown
  10. 7 4 6 Karachi
  11. 9 1 12 Favela
  12. 5 1 11 Estate
  13. 15 0 5 Karachi

Mostly played with my silent class: Silenced UMP with AA-12 (hardly ever used) and perks were Marathon Pro, Stopping Power Pro and Ninja Pro.

Even with my tactical layout I managed a few knife kills, including one of a very annoying sniper who did a lot of damage to my KDR! Now I’ve jinxed it of course so I’m not going to touch the Xbox tomorrow night. Maybe.

Unfortunately to put a downer on the evening when I took off my headphones I heard a loud buzzing from my Xbox 360. A quick search shows it could be the DVD drive but MW2 is installed to the harddisk. I may ring Microsoft tomorrow.

Update! Paul blogged about his games too. Glad he had a great time too!

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  1. T’was a pleasure to get together at last. I had a great time and only killed you when I deemed it absolutely necessary bit I feel maybe you enjoyed killing me…

    Look forward to the next one

  2. Some respectable score there. Double figures on a lot of them (double figures……I remember them). I don’t get on with the UMP, probably just need practice though.

    Looks like you guys had a blast.

  3. Amazingly enough, from memory a lot of my games were double figures as well and a lot were positive or close. Let’s hope it continues tonight

  4. I wonder if we were lucky about the lobby we joined? The only enemy who really caused me trouble was that Tanking guy, but that was because he was sniping and good at defending where he was (most of the time, hehe). There was a guy called skype8 or something too but the tank guy was definitely the one I tried to avoid.

    I laughed in the last game when I heard Eddie say he was following Tanking and I intercepted both and shot them! 🙂

    Going into a private chat was the best thing, even if it was weird we could hear Eddie when he was on the opposing team.

    Dave – I said to Paul that we needed to get you on to the Xbox to join in 🙂

    I really think the hour long nap I had earlier in the day helped, otherwise I’d never have kept going! That and stopping power instead of cold blooded. I was amazed at how noisy other players were who didn’t have Ninja Pro!

    1. Hmmm, Xbox……. pay for Xboxlive…… not likely at the moment. Plus another copy of MW2….. I reckon it makes much more sense for Paul to buy a PS3 😀

  5. I just remembered, the batteries in my controller died near the end of a game on Rundown. I was stuck in the middle of a road, frantically fitting batteries, trying to find ones that were charged. Lucky for me the game ended about 30 seconds afterwards and I got away with it. *phew*

  6. Yes I think we were lucky in respect of the lobby we joined. A lot were similair level if I remember correct but having said that nah, we were on top of our game. I’m sticking to that one.

    My mate is frantically ‘working’ his finger in the hope of getting on tonight so if you are on I’m sure we can get a decent group going.

    Yes it was weird how he was on the opposing team yet we could talk to him haha. I dont understand that, were we all in a party together as I would have thought if we were, we would have been on the same team so how did that work out?

    I’ve had batteries go on me once but I had a second one close to hand so just popped that.

    Here’s a question for you. When the batteries start to ‘run down’ will that effect the reaction time of the controller’ This is probably a stupid question but mine were fully charged last night which could be one reason but then again goes against you and your’s ran out. By run down I mean say ‘2/4 bars?

    1. We were all in a private chat I think. That’s why we couldn’t hear anyone else and they couldn’t hear us either. The first time I did that I noticed my loudspeaker icon didn’t light up in the lobby! Definitely the way to go when you don’t want others listening in on idle chatter.

      Can’t promise anything about tonight. I’m really nervous about jinxing the good games we had last night! Eddie got Bad Company 2 as well so I may split my time between them.

      The controller was fine right up until the end and I had batteries ready to replace the old ones, but I also had a dead battery lying on my desk. Guess which one I picked up? It was all skill on your part, not the batteries!

      1. Yeah it’s all cool I’ll be on regardless. If you are on then great but my mate reckons he’s on tonight as well so if we catch up great, if not then see you some time soon 😉

        Enjoy BC2

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