Wooo, couple of nice games of Modern War…

Wooo, couple of nice games of Modern Warfare 2 with Eddie. I’ve switched to tactical controller layout as I got used to hitting RS to crouch in Bad Company 2. Works well enough though I haven’t tried the dropshot yet.

Playing my silent class, silenced UMP, Ninja Pro and Coldblooded. Lots of air support and the one single time I got killed from it was when I was close to my team mates. Sorry, when I was running away from my team mates when I saw a predator missile. Not fast enough.

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  1. I tried the tactical layout but due to my play style I knife more than dropshot – which meant that every time I turned a corner to find an enemy there I would lie down in front of them, then get back up again until they killed me.

    Well done on the good games, especially on the weekend! What maps were you playing? And team mates….. they only get you killed, avoid avoid avoid. They make good bait though, and work better than the radar if watched properly.

    1. I actually managed to knife a few people, but usually only when I snuck up behind them when they were sniping 🙂

      I did run into a guy going through a door and in my confusion hit RS, B *and* RB. Needless to say I died.

      It took an age to get into any game though which was a pain, but we played Scrapyard twice, rundown (where I did quite good, without even camping too much!), Favela, and Highrise.

      Odd thing was, we were in a party before, then I left I think when we had trouble joining a game, and I got into a game and he joined my session but I think we still had party chat – our voice indicators didn’t light up and I didn’t hear anyone else on our team.

      I thought that party chat wasn’t allowed in Mercenary deathmatch?

      1. Not sure about party chat, but as far as I was aware Mercenary TDM just means no parties. Seems that because your friend joined your session rather than you both going in from the start it allowed it. From the call of duty wikia it says this about MTDM – “you can’t enter it in a party and that teams are randomized, eliminating the function of the clan tag.”

        I played five games just now and didn’t get in to Favela or Rundown which is a shame as I like those maps now. I didn’t manage to knife anyone tonight – got knifed plenty of times though – stupid knifers! 😮 Nevermind. There’s always next time.

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