Sharkoon Headset on the way

Just got a message from the seller on Amazon that my Sharkoon headset is on the way! Looking forward to 5.1 surround sound!

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Clicking the “track and trace” link every few minutes to see if it’s entered the delivery system yet. It hasn’t but the error page says most packages are delivered within 1 to 3 days!

Status has updated! “Parcel centre of dispatch: Shipment to abroad was processed at the outbound hub”

I wonder if it’ll get from Germany to Ireland and to my house in 24 hours? Fingers crossed.

I hope nobody’s subscribed to the comments on this blog..

Update as of 4am last night: “International Parcel Station Shipment to abroad was processed at the International Parcel Station (IPS)
Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin”

Which sounds very good. Hopefully it’ll arrive today!

Strange, the last status message changed to “Transport to destination country Shipment in transportation to destination country.” which can only be a good thing as it’s timed at 4:11am this morning.

I’m afraid not. It’ll be the good ol’ post office who’ll deliver so it’ll be Monday. I did buy a 3.5mm earphone splitter, but unfortunately I’m too exhausted to play MW2 right now. (check the timestamp of this comment, my almost 3yro son likes to get up early!)

I feel your pain. My 1yo has only recently started sleeping past 3am – which got very exhausting when you don’t go to bed until midnight. Well stroll on Monday, and try not to pull your Postman’s arm off!

The postman got away, and no sign of the headphones! The tracking page hasn’t changed, it’s still being “transported to destination country”, probably overland judging by the (lack of) speed.

What I’m playing on doing is spawn trapping him so he can’t get away. Claymores might destroy the package being delivered! (ok, this thread is going way too far now!)

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